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Common Myths That New Actors Fall For

Common Myths That New Actors Fall For

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It is not easy becoming an actor, there is a lot of work that you will have to do and a lot of rejection you may be subjected to. Going to acting school is only the beginning because when you graduate from acting school, you will need to find an agent, do auditions, get head shots for your profile and learn what the real world is like. So many new actors leave acting school or join the acting world with a lot of misconceptions and it is after a while that they learn a lot of what they held true, was just a myth. Here are some of the myths that new actors fall for.

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1- You can play any role: Many new actors are told in acting school that they can assume any role and do it well, this is a myth. You might be a very good actor, but the truth is the casting director has a perfect idea for particular parts. A skinny 20-year-old cannot play the part of Hercules, however good he may think he is. There is a reason why at the auditions they will list certain attributes for the particular role.

2- Once you have an agent, work will start coming in: Many new actors work hard to get signed up by agents because they think the agent will do all the work and they can just sit back and wait for the agents to get them jobs. They are living in a myth. You need to do just as much work as your agent. The agent actually just gets you auditions, you need to do the convincing with your acting and at times you also need to make them like you. Charm and charisma are very important in landing acting jobs.

3- Commercials are not for real actors: Many new actors may think they are a failure if they take up commercials but the truth is an actor should be able to act and at times it requires that you act as a father enjoying breakfast cereal on a 20 second TV commercial. Actually such gigs can open doors for you because movie producers watch those commercials and they just may see something they like in you as you do a commercial. What’s more, everyone needs to be able to pay the bills.

4- You either got it, or you don’t: This is a very common myth, so many people think you can just be born an actor and you do not have to work at it. Many of the professional actors have had to take acting class to improve and be as good as they are. Sure, talent is vital, but it is no substitute for hard work. It takes a lot of hard work to succeed as an actor.

5- You need to have a pretty face to get into acting: This is probably a myth that has been taken up without giving it enough thought. Well, true there are many roles for handsome and beautiful people but there are also roles for plain people and ugly people too. Acting is about exactly that – Acting. So you need to be able to act more than you need to look good.

How to tell Fact from Myth 

There are a number of myths out there and we cannot list them all in one article, but you can be able to tell a myth from fact by giving it a bit more thought. Most of the myths are just assumptions made basing on a few occurrences, for example because Angelina Jolie is hot and she stars in many movies, then you have to look like her to make it in the industry. But Angelina Jolie is also a good actor.