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10 Blogs That New Actors Should Know About

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The 411 on Making It in Hollywood as an Actor

The difficulty of becoming an actor in a film depends on the type of film you want to appear in. It can be easy to get an audition for a student film, for example. However, if you want to act in Hollywood, you have to jump through some hoops to acquire a good workout and have the right look for any role they need. Some players wait years before being hired to act in a film. Attending acting classes at a reputable school is something that you should consider, although it’s not necessary. Many courses of one or two months are taught by instructors who are respected in the industry.

Question and visit the school’s website to see which actors have been trained there, as one of your goals should be trying to compile as many respected names as possible in your resume. It’s important that you take portraits of yourself. Of course, if you can, have this conducted by a professional photographer who has done this type of work before with aspiring actors, as he/she will know what works and what doesn’t in the eyes of agents.

Portraits can cost between $75 dollars to thousands of dollars, but there’s no need to spend more than a couple of hundred dollars to get a good photo. For roles in movies and TV shows, make a pose that has no expression, because the casting director wants to imagine how a specific character will look if you ended it up with the role, so you should give it a blank canvas.


Building Your Resume

It’s important that you print about ten of your best photos. This will cost approximately $20 dollars. Make sure they are 8 by 10 inches, since this is the standard measure. Write your resume and include your height, weight, hair color and eye color. Your resume should include any film, TV or theater production in which you have acted in. Don’t forget to write the courses you took and include the names of the instructors. Place the skills that you have.

Casting directors do not necessarily make experience a must, but training is vital. Your resume is something that you should treasure more than anything else. You should always try to look for ways to make it better. Keep updating it whenever you think it’s appropriate. If you can, audition for independent and student films. These roles tend to be listed on and alternative newspapers. Check in schools of movies to see if they are hiring for any movie. This is the time to build your resume material.

Top Ten Blogs to Visittop 10 blogs in indonesia

Send your resume to agents. Start with an agent to represent you and continue upward. In order to find the best agent, do some research. There are many books out there that are geared toward this area. Once you get an agent, you’ll be one step closer to getting hired in the acting world. There are top ten blogs for actors that can help you in different aspects of your journey:,,,,,,,,,


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Acting on Stage – Tips & Tricks!

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